Meet the Board

The role of Premack Public Affairs Journalism Awards Board members is to help identify the theme for and plan the annual Premack Awards program; to help identify and extend invitations to the judges for the annual Premack Awards contest; to oversee the annual judging; to encourage and solicit entries for the Awards from eligible news organizations; and to uphold and honor Frank Premack’s commitment to public affairs journalism.

Membership on the Board is by invitation and by consensus of the existing Board.  Members represent Minnesota public life, including but not limited to journalism, politics, education, the arts and the legal professions.

The current Premack Board consists of:

Nora Paul (Director of Minnesota Journalism Center)
Rohan Preston (Chair of the Premack Board)
Nancy Alfton
Darin Broton
Art Coulson
Gayle Golden
Kathy Hansen
Tom Horner
Seitu Jones
Mary LaHammer
Deb Locke
Amy Nelson
Jim Pumarlo
Heidi Raschke
Jim Rosenbaum
Joe Spear
John Sundvor


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