Public Affairs Reporting: Broadcast/Online

Below are the three finalists for the Premack Award in the Public Affairs Reporting: Broadcast/online category. This was a new category for 2011. Click on the link to read the story.

“Tough Economy Forcing More Children Into Homelessness” by KARE-11 reporters Jeff Olsen and Rena Sarigianopulos
Story 1
Story 2

Welfare Waste” by Mark Albert, Mike Maybay, Erik Altmann, Jim O’Connell and Lee Zwiefelhofer of KSTP-TV *2011 Premack Award Winner!

Minnesota: Weak on Bullying” by Tom Weber and Bill Wareham of Minnesota Public Radio


§ One Response to Public Affairs Reporting: Broadcast/Online

  • Walter Roberts, Jr. says:

    Weber and Wareham’s reports on the sad state of Minnesota’s “efforts” to protect its kids from bullying through the current patchwork quilt of individual school district policies exposed the sham that is the mantra of “local control” when it comes to this issue. Additionally, their reporting was responsible for moving both the Governor and the Attorney General to move in directions to address the problem.

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