The winners of the 2011 Premack Awards have been announced. Please click below to see the winner in each category.

The judging of the 2011 Premack Award entries is complete. Unlike other journalism awards, the Premacks are not judged just by other journalists.   The Premack judging panels consist of activists, artists, lawyers, and others in the community who represent the people the reporting was intended to inform.

Each panel of five judges spent hours reviewing the entries and met to discuss who would be selected the top three finalists in each category. (Three judging panels considered the entries: one panel for the Public Affairs Reporting for print / online from large news organizations and broadcast / online entries,  one for the Public Affairs Reporting for print / online from smaller news organizations, and one for the Public Affairs Opinion Writing categories.)

From their choice of top three entries, they selected one to be the Premack award winner. The judges’ choices of winners will be announced on April 19, 2012 at the Premack Award ceremony.

The Premack Awards Ceremony is free and open to the public.  So, join us when the winners are announced on April 19, 2012. In addition to the journalism award winners announcement there will be an honoring of Graven award winner Dave Pyle of the Minnesota Associated Press and Farr award winner Lynda McDonnell of the Minnesota teen reporting project ThreeSixty. The evening will be capped with a keynote by the Pulitzer Prize winning founder of  PolitiFact, Matt Waite.

Public Affairs Reporting: print/online, large organization

Public Affairs Reporting: print/online, small organization

Public Affairs Reporting: broadcast/online

Opinion Writing: large organization

Opinion Writing: small organization


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